Technology enhances business ...

Since 1992 COSI designs, develops and integrates enterprise-grade ICT solutions.

We have been pioneers in Italy of the "open systems" culture: since the beginning of the 90' we designed and developed the first (1993) e-business solutions over the Internet realizing since then the central role the Internet and ICT will have played in the development of a “digital economy” which also SMEs could afford.

Our main market is the design and provision of systems and services for business support, system integration and consultancy on ICT technologies and applications. We can provide complete and customised solutions for :

  • e-business, e-learning, e-commerce
  • business support systems (BSS) and operations support systems (OSS) in different vertical markets
  • content management systems
  • learning management systems
  • interactive video and e-collaboration
  • mobile application development

Depending on customers' requirements we can either provide turn-key solutions where we design and develop solutions entirely in-house, or we can collaborate with our customer by participating to the preliminary project specification phases and from there onward by integrating our design and development work-team with the customer team at their premises or ours.

Communications and collaboration

Communications and collaboration portals


E-learning solutions (Learning Objects and Learning Management Systems)

Business Management Systems

Business and Operations Support Systems to automate enterprise processes and procedures

Our market is a highly crowded and competitive one: we do believe however that we have a very distinctive and effective offer in terms of:

  • capacity (as of resources, skills and market knowledge) to design and develop complex and highly customized ICT solutions
  • capacity to address effectively the usability of complex applications through the design of suitable user interfaces on different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • a rapid prototyping approach to software design allowing us to rapidly move from the conceptual design to the deployment of new ICT services and products